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A book of deeply personal and lush photographs, drawings, and writing, Blue Violet is Cig Harvey's celebration of the natural world and the senses.

Blue Violet is a vibrant meditation on the procession of seasons, sensory abundance, and the magic in everyday life. Part art book, botanical guide, historical encyclopedia, and poetry collection, Blue Violet is a compendium of beauty, color, and the senses. Plants, flowers, and our experience of the natural world are the threads that tie this unique book together. Exploring the five senses, Blue Violet takes the reader on a personal journey through nature and the range of human emotions. As with her previous three titles--You Look At Me Like An Emergency, Gardening at Night, and You an Orchestra You a Bomb--this book invites the reader to pause, laugh, cry, create, and become more aware of the natural world. Images and text in a variety of forms (prose poetry, recipes, lists, research pieces, diagrams) focus on immediate experience to understand the vibrancy of the senses on memory and feelings.

208 pages. 9.25 x 11.5. Cloth printed hardcover. French fold binding.
80 photographs, 10 drawing, 40 vignettes
Foreword by Jacoba Urist
Design by Jeanette Abbink
Edited by Alan Rapp
Monacelli Press